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Michael Cowan “Animating Vision”: Advertising in and out of the Cinema

On Thursday, February 26th Dr. Michael Cowan, a Reader in Film Studies at the University of St. Andrews, gave a talk entitled “Animating Vision: Advertising in and out of the Cinema” for the Wilson Centre’s Visual Culture Speaker Series. Before giving his talk, Michael was generous enough to sit down and chat with Dr. Paul Flaig (Film & Visual Culture, Aberdeen) about his talk and his larger research on cinematic and extra-cinematic advertising images old and new, presented below via Sound Cloud

Prior to his appointment at St. Andrews Dr. Cowan was Associate Professor and William Dawson Scholar in Film and Visual Studies at McGill University in Montreal. He has published three monographs: Cult of the Will: Nervousness and German Modernity (Penn State, 2008), Technology’s Pulse: Essays on Rhythm in German Modernism (University of London, 2011) and most recently, Walter Ruttmann and the Cinema of Multiplicity (Amsterdam University, 2014). He is also co-editor of a forthcoming collection entitled The Promise of Cinema: German Film Theory and Debates 1907-1933 (University of California, 2015). His Cinema Journal essay “Absolute Advertising: Walter Ruttmann and the Weimar Advertising Film” was recently awarded the Katherine Singer Kovacs Award for Best Essay Published in a Journal by the Society of Cinema & Media Studies.


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