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A virtual tour of City of Ghosts

GWW’s new photography exhibition, City of Ghosts, has been open to visitors in the University Library at Aberdeen since 15 October. It features new work by photographer John Perivolaris produced following his residency in Aberdeen in March 2015, alongside large-scale reproductions on perspex of images from the George Washington Wilson photography archive. The images are complemented by a soundscape produced for the exhibition by Pete Stollery, composer and Professor of Music at Aberdeen. Based on recordings taken at the locations photographed by Perivolaris, the soundscape evokes the mood and feel of Aberdeen as a maritime and trading city, the disconcerting screech of the herring gulls accompanying the rumble of tyres over cobbled streets. For the benefit of GWW readers unable to make the trip to Aberdeen, the short film below gives at least a flavour of an exhibition transformed into an installation by the addition of a sonic portrait of the city.

The exhibition continues until 21 February 2016, and will feature an exciting programme of talks and lectures. Highlights include a lecture by architectural historian Professor Adrian Forty of the Bartlett School of Architecture at UCL, on changing attitudes to building materials since the nineteenth century, and John Perivolaris in conversation with Professor Roger Taylor, leading historian of photography and expert on the life and work of GWW.


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