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‘Identity Card’ Film Screening

Identity Card (Občanský Průkaz) is a Czech/Slovak film from 2010. This bittersweet comedy was directed by Ondřej Trojan, a Czech actor, director and a film producer. Together with Tomáš Hanák and Jiří Burda, they founded a film and television company Total HelpArt THA which focuses on prodcuing films, audiovisual production and the Cellar Theatre management activities. Trojan collaborated with Ján Hřebejk on several successful films, such as Pelíšky (Cosy Dens), Pupendo, or Musíme si Pomáhat (Divided We Fall). Divided We Fall was nominated for an Oscar for the Best Foreign Film.
IDENTITY CARD film screening (2)
The story follows the lives of four adolescent young men, Peter, Alex, Cinderella, and Mita, their friends, loves and parents, as the boys reach the age of fifteen and receive their first national identification card.  The film follows their progression to eighteen when they try to escape army service by getting a ‘blue book’.  The film takes place in Czechoslovakia in the 1970s, when not having an ID card would be asking for trouble, and when compulsory military service was for many teenagers the biggest dilemma. 

A film screening for the University of Aberdeen students and staff only, is organised by Film and Visual Culture PhD student, Denisa Tomkova, and will take place at 5pm on 17th February 2016 in Taylor A21.


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