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Misplaced Women? workshop with Tanja Ostojic

Post by Marta Nitecka Barche and Amy Bryzgel

Workshop with Tanja Ostojić: Misplaced Women?

6b_Ostojic_Misplaced_Women.jpgThursday, 10th March 2016, 2-5pm

Meeting Point: Tullos Community Centre, Girdleness Road, AB11 8 FJ


Workshop with Tanja Ostojic at the University of Aberdeen, Misplaced Women? Photo by Filip Barche.

Last year, Tanja Ostojić came to Aberdeen to participate in a Director’s Cut and host a short workshop on her Misplaced Women? project at the University of Aberdeen. This year, she returns to the Granite City to take that workshop to the streets of Torry.

As part of the Festival of Politics 2016, Tanja will host a workshop that starts at the Tullos Community Centre and expands out to the streets and public spaces of the neighbourhood of Torry. During the workshop, women are invited and encouraged to share migration experiences and enact the Misplaced Women? performance.

Tanja Ostojić is a renowned Serbian performance artist based in Germany whose artworks engage with feminism and migration. Misplaced Women? is an art project which includes performances, workshops, and delegated performances ongoing from 2009. The project involves the unpacking of a suitcase or handbag in a public sphere, which signifies a displacement, as the everyday experience of transients, migrants, war and disaster refugees.

Please book your free place on the workshop through Eventbrite as there are limited spaces available. The event is free of charge but booking is essential. If you require more details, contact: Marta Nitecka Barche (in English and Polish).


Workshop with Tanja Ostojic at the University of Aberdeen, Misplaced Women? Photo by Filip Barche. Sculpture student from RGU Rebecca Fry unpacks her bags.





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