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A Screening of a Slovak Film Rukojemnik (Hostage)

Slovak film Rukojemník (Hostage), 110min (2014), directed by Juraj Nvota is a tragicomedy about communist Czechoslovakia and border crossing from a child’s point of view.  A screening of the film will take place as a part of The Czech and Slovak Film Series organised by PhD student Denisa Tomkova on the 17 March at 5pm in Taylor A21.

For more information and future screenings follow the Facebook page of Czech and Slovak Film Series 


Juraj Nvota is a television and film director, and a lecturer at the Department of Directing and Dramaturgy at the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava, Slovakia. His last directorial achievement was the film Muzika, which was awarded 14 nominations for the Slovak National Film Awards Sun in a Net (prize for best film, best director).

Nvota said about the Rukojemík: ‘The movie is expressed in images; each scene represents a strongly emotive perception. … The direction of the story leads through the final crisis to a surprising and precious catharsis. The authors of the script do not overcrowd their story with motives that are offered to them. In the meaning of the motto that less is sometimes more, they bring their small hero a big decision.’


The story follows the life of a small boy, Peter, who is raised by his grandparents because his parents emigrated to Vienna.  Since then the authorities are trying to get him, and Peter invents all sorts of ways for how to cross the border. At the end of the 60s, when the political situation is rapidly changing in Czechoslovakia, Peter’s dream of crossing the border intensifies, however it means leaving behind his grandparents, classmates and home.




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