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Own an original Richard Demarco Artwork

Demarco 3Richard Demarco, a dear friend of the GWW and frequent visitor to Aberdeen, needs our help to keep his archive and legacy alive.

The Demarco Archive Trust was established in 2006. It exists to enhance the reputation and understanding of Richard Demarco’s work in its national, European and world context and to protect and develop the collection as well as ensure its long-term future.

Demarco is currently selling his artworks to support the work of the Trust. All proceeds from Demarco Artworks’ sales support the work of the Demarco Archive Trust. Click here to see the works on offer.

This website proudly offers limited edition prints of original works by Richard Demarco, focussing on the landscape of Scotland and Edinburgh in particular.

He has been one of Scotland’s most influential advocates for contemporary art through his work at the Richard Demarco Gallery, the Traverse Theatre of which he was co-founder in 1963, and his relationship with the Edinburgh Festivals.

His contributions to contemporary art internationally have been recognised on numerous occasions, receiving the Polish Gold Order of Merit, the Cavaliere della Repubblica d’Italia, the Chevalier des Arts et Lettres de France and Commander of the British Empire.

Over the past 50 years, Professor Richard Demarco CBE has built up an extensive collection of international contemporary art which includes paintings, sculpture, works on paper and over one million photographs. Alongside the artworks sits an archive and library which document the several thousand art exhibitions, plays, music, conferences, and various other performances that Professor Demarco has organised continuously from his early days as co-founder of the Traverse Theatre in 1963. These have involved artists from at least sixty countries, including all of Central and Eastern Europe during the Cold War.

Demarco 1


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