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Get ready for #MovieMonday!


The Department of Film and Visual Culture at the University of Aberdeen is pleased to announce the launch of its Vimeo page with #MovieMonday, featuring original productions by its former students.


film-clipart-LiKedz4iaEvery Monday, Film and Visual Culture will feature a new film by one of our former students. Throughout their studies, our students engage with the history, theory and practice of film and film production. They not only learn to approach film from a theoretical perspective, but gain hands-on experience by creating their own short films, either as part of one of our courses, or for their final dissertation project.

directors chairFor example, in Panoptic Digital Culture, offered this coming autumn semester, students work in production teams to complete two films through which they examine the way in which our society has embraced a public surveillance application of CCTV and web cam culture, augmented by digital cameras, and the mobile phone camera. In Labour, Leisure and the Moving Image, which students can take in the spring of 2017, students create work exploring industrialism, leisure time, consumerism, post-Fordism and many other issues.


The Department of Film and Visual Culture is pleased to showcase the work of its talented former students, many of whom go on to fruitful and exciting careers in the film industry!

popcornSo, get the popcorn popped and sit down, relax, and take in a short film on #MovieMonday, courtesy of Team #FVC at the University of Aberdeen!





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